The POD platform is designed with a unique Double C-loop haptic configuration for excellent fixation within the capsular bag, with an increased contact angle as well as 4-point contact versus conventional IOLs. 

PhysIOL toric calculator featuring the Abulafia-Koch regression formula improves the prediction of postoperative astigmatic patient outcomes. ​ has been developed to compensate the posterior corneal astigmatism effect: 94% of eyes achieve less than 0.75D of absolute predicted residual astigmatism4


4 insert CRSToday Europe, January 2018

Unique Glistening free hydrophobic raw material (GFY) with 10 proven years reliable clinical outcomes provides piece of mind thanks to ZERO yag capsulotomy at 6 to 12 months (n=100).5 

The GFY has been proven as a grade 0 hydrophobic raw material. 6,7


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Stability. Accuracy. Reliability.

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